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    Bon Dej Kav Company ( BDK ) established in 2004 . BDK has delivered about 29 contract projects so far (25 Execution Projects and 4 contract manager). Moreover BDK has delivered 6 consultation projects.
    Highly educated staff which make BDK to get special project includes 1 person in PhD, 7 persons in MS Eng and 32 person in graduate staff mostly more than 10 years experience in structural, mechanical, electrical, metallurgy etc.
    BDK has received ISO9001:2008 of Alliance Company in 2010.
    Also BDK is single company in IRAN that received IAF sertificate for mass storege.
    In addition, BDK has received Certificates of most taskmasters.
    Some of typical project has been carried out by BDK are as following:
    Industrial civil
    1- Various concrete work in Iran Khodrou Diesel  (IKD) Company
    2- Oil & Gas pipeline fencing
    3- Fiber glass material building
    4- Over 4000 m2 individual building
    Utility (HVAC)
    1-Air certain piping and installation
    2- Air ventilation for bus annexes building
    3- Imporvement of Air ventilation all montage hall in IK
    4- Improvement of Air ventilation in P206 motor hall
    5-Earthing of P.P.T. Gallery in IK Piping:
    1-UG piping and equipment installation in rudeshur P.P
    2-AG piping and equipment installation in Sana Insulation
    Medical & Hospital
    1-Renovation of 10th floor of Sasan hospital
    2-CT scan buildingResearch & Laboratory
           Nero science laboratory in Khatam-ol-anbia hospital
    Power plant utility:
    1-UG piping in Rudeshure P.P. (phase1)
    2-Civil work in Orumieh P.P. (phase2) Way & Bridges
    Orumieh Lake Bridge
    Bar bending over 5 000  ton
    Concerting over 40 000  m3
    Form work over 10 000  m2
    All work done in hard marine term 
    1- HVAC mechanical building in Iran Air (Homa)
    2- Renovation of  2nd & 3rd floor in Khatam-ol-anbia hospital
    3- Design of main Laboratory in Khatam-ol-anbia hospital
    4- Design of 10th floor in Sasan Hospital
    5- Design of CSR & lobby  & BDE in Sasan Hospital

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