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              Construction company 
                                           Offers high quality engineering service and beyond 

    In accordance with quality management system, on the basis of national standard ISO2001:2008 this company keeps developing quality procedures as long as continuous learning system that is set with a slogan forever:
    “The most valuable asset of the company is our human resource “
    drew long term plan with following objectives ahead: 
    1- Improving clients satisfaction with high quality service 
    2- Continuous acknowledgement of the human resource, clients ,organization and individuals
    3- Developing company organization  with ethical workforce, effective, efficient and continuous training system
    4- Increasing quantitative and qualitative services and creating high capacity according to long term development  plan
    5- Continuous procedure improvement
      Thus, in order to achieve the abovementioned objectives based on quality management system ISO2001:2008, BDK management has introduced his official representative to ISO organization to establish, secure and maintain  the system . It is vital for the company that all the managers and staff deemed to cooperate effectively heading to the ideal  and unique system.
    The BDK organization management will develop, review and audit the procedures in a certain intervals to improve the system continuously.
    Hopefully, the BDK will capture the beyond scope and will be appreciated as initiative company providing engineering service as well. 
                         Managing director 
                             S.H Emami

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