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    Seyyed Hossein Emami
    Managing Director and Member of board 
    Born: 1976 - Tehran 
    M.S. : Hydraulic Structures - University of Science and Technology - 1999
    B.S. : Civil Engineering - Amir Kabir University - 1995
    Iranian railway (RAJA)  

    Design and high supervision in Railway Bridge
    Prepare construction and maintenance estimate in Railway Bridge

    Jihad Nasr institute
    Prepare construction and mechanical estimation in 400 Km of pipeline
    Prepare change estimation in Tehran and Tabriz refineries

    School reconstruction organization
    High supervision in national projects (camp – stadium)
    Cooperation with contractor and investigation parts of organization

    Shahed University
    Execution manager in shahed university developming project
    1- Complete 25,000 square meters of college building
    2- Construct 40,000 square meters building for dormitory - Office - Restaurant - Service - Stadium - Conference Hall
    3- Design 35,000 square meters building for colleges - dormitory - Clinics - mosque - pool
    4- Landscape 110,000 square meters include street, kerb, green area
    5- Project manager in infrastructure installation including water & sewage and fire-fighting canalizations, electrical & data and refinery systems
    6- Contract over 40 contracts

    Iran marine company (SADRA)
    Water intake and cooling water dispensation project in Mobin petrochemical (EPC contract)
    1- coordinating engineer in Asaluye workshop
    2- Coordinating engineer between concrete manufacturer and pipeline producer
    Vertical pump-Pipe rack- Pipe clamp- Drag anchor- Pipe sleeper- Sleeve    
    3- Coordinating engineer between internal and external Purchase in Asaluye workshop

    NA industrial company (Part time)
    Design and high supervision in water and fire-fighting and sewage canalizations in Nivan town

    Construct 2 building (Part time)
    Design and construct 1000 square meters building (5 floors)

    Irankhodro (Part time)
    Consultation Eng. Who survey contractor statements and their claims.

    Expert in these programs:

    Experience in make planning and control project system (consultant, constructor, equipment maker)
    Expert in expediting way
    Expert in tender, negotiation, contract
    Expert in English language
    Design and construct concrete and steel structures
    Versant in water and sewage canalization (Master of Science thesis)
    Versant in national manage organization law
    Versant in nation manager organization lists and statement providing


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