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    Kamran Vahdat













































    Kamran Vahdat
    Engineering and technical Manager
    Born: 1973 Zahedan 
    M.S. : Structure civil Engineering – University of Science and Technology - 1999
    B.S. : Civil Engineering - University of Hamedan - 1996
    Major projects executed include industrial and petrochemical projects, project manager in over 13 years
    1- Engineering surveys and supervisor in heavy structure
    2- Industrial complex and petrochemical, car factory, food production, pharmacy
    3- Civil structural
    Residential buildings project for Alborz industrial town
     Taskmaster: Factories of Alborz industrial town
    Design and supervisor Eng. in Residential buildings for Alborz industrial town in deferent type
    (About 24,000 square meters)
    Executing manager of Mega motor developing plan
    Taskmaster: Mega motor (Saipa)
    Design industrial hall (about 10,000 square meters) and administrative, educational and welfare buildings (about 4,000 square meters)
    Supervisor Eng. in Mega motor developing plan
    Design infrastructure of Saipa industrial complex (Golpayegan)
    Taskmaster: Nivan Company
    Design industrial structures including water tank (3,000 cubic meters), air tank (100 cubic meters) and pumping station
    Senior Eng. In Saipa industrial town (Golpayegan)
    Taskmaster: Saipa
    Pastor institute (hepatitis B vaccine production)
    Taskmaster: Pastor institute (Ministry of Health)
    Design main structures including halls, machinery foundation, water tank and sewage treatment
    Technical supervisor in hepatitis B vaccine factory, coordinate with Senior Eng. From foreign country
    Aida industrial factories
    Taskmaster: Union of Agricultural cooperatives (Ministry of Agriculture)
    Design and supervisor Eng. in administrative buildings (5,000 square meters), industrial structures including silos (7,500 square meters), machinery foundation, water tank and pumping station
    Senior Eng. In Aida industrial project, coordinate with Senior Eng. From foreign country (ROCCI&CATELLI)
    Ramin pharmacy developing plan
    Taskmaster: Ramin Company
    Executing manager and technical supervisor – provide Executing and invigoration plan of structures
    Sasan soft drink factories developing plan
    Taskmaster: Sasan Company
    Service of Supervisor Eng. – Provide structure plan for factory halls and technical supervisor
    Design industrial structures of Ardakan industrial complex
    Taskmaster: Hirsa Company
    Design tall height hall (26 meters) with crane (25 tons, 40 tons)
    Design industrial structures of Ardakan industrial complex
    Taskmaster: Green Climate Company
    Design all industrial halls in Shiraz and Hamadan with normal opening and different height (from 6 to 26 meters)
    Dry docks for renovation and repair for shipbuilding in Abass seaport
    Taskmaster: Farasahel shipbuilding (ISO ICO)
    Design and supervisor Eng. And structural Eng. in industrial halls
    Dry docks project (120,000 square meters) (Client: ISOICO)
    Execution manager in administrative building and storerooms for Vandchal company
    Taskmaster: Vanchal Company
    Executing manager including assess supervisor Eng., administrative building, industrial halls, supervisor Eng. and project manager (22,000 square meters)
    Design and Supervisor Eng. in Eram noush factories project
    Taskmaster: Vanchal Company
    Design industrial structures with opening from 15 to 35 meters and lateral buildings and civil work (14,000 square meters)


    Nima Amani





    Nima Amani 
    Technical Manager
    Born: 1977 - Mazandaran
    M.A. : Architecture – University of Science and Technology - 2002
    Design metro station For Isfihan
    Construct Darabad residential complex
    Reconstruct floors of sasan Hospital
    Experience: 8 years

    Mohammad Reza Najafi













    Mohammad Reza Najafi 
    Expert in electrical and installations
    Born: 1973 - Tehran
    B.S. : power electricity - Tehran University - 1995
    Imam Khomeini Mossala (Tehran great mosque)
    Consulting Engineering Office for installation

    HAD Company
    Senior Eng. in Electrical and precision tool project
    Shahed university
    Shahed university developing plan
    HAD Company
    Project manager in Electrical and precision tool projects
    Mashanir Company
    Production assistant
    English language:
    Expert in writing, reading and using texts and documents in English
    Expert in conversation
    Computer & IT:
    Expert in this program:

    Behrouz Saberi Fard


















    Behrouz Saberi Fard
    Expert in Architecture and Construction
    Born: 1972 - Tehran
    B.S. : Civil Engineering - Sharif University - 1996
    Rahshahr Consulting Company
    Design different building plans with area about 2,000 square meters-residential buildings
    Design different building plans with area about 3,000 square meters-administrative and business buildings
    Design different building plans – Hotel and …
    Project Estimation
    Abna saze Company
    Managing director
    Project manager in reconstruct Petro pars Building (12,000 square meters)
    Project manager in 2 towers in Tehran
    Project manager in over 50 projects including residential, administrative, business, educational, welfare and … buildings (110,000 square meters)
    Project manager
    Coordinate between international c Consultant (ATKINS) and contractor in Garmdare project (250,000 square meters)
    Consultant assistant for getting project information
    Coordinate between Consultant (Bavand) and contractor in Chitgar project (65,000 square meters)
    Consultant representative in plan control in some project
    Expert in this program:
    Member of engineering organization of Iran
    Versant in English and Arabic


    Arman Pour Amiri



















    Arman Pour Amiri
    Control Project and Board member and Project manager
    Born: 1379 - Lahijan
    B.S. : Industrial Engineering - Amir Kabir University - 2001
    SADRA Company
    Senior Engineer in Project Control
    Purchase contract provider - statement provider - organizer - coordinating engineer in Water intake and cooling water dispensation project for Asaluyeh Petrochemical
    150,000 cubic meters concrete
    120,000 inches (diameter of pipe) for installation and welding

    MSHS Company
    Senior Engineer in organization and project control
    Statement provider – contract lawyer - contract risk estimation - Control project and …
    Fourth aromatic project in Assaluyeh
    103,000 cubic meters concrete – 7,000 tons installation – 109,000 meters cabling – 110,000 inches (diameter of pipe) for installation and welding

    OTC Company
    Organizer and Project manager
    South Pars Energy region (gas pressure relay No. 5)
    100,000 cubic meters concrete – 4,700 tons installation – 370,000 inches (diameter of pipe) for installation and welding – 1,265,000 meters cabling
    Brojen City - gas pressure relay
    12,000 cubic meters concrete – 782 tons installation - 54,000 inches (diameter of pipe) for installation and welding – 200,000 meters cabling
    BVS Company
    Member of board
    Organizer manager
    Expert in this Program
    p3e - primavera - msp – office


    Mahdi Darvishi












    Mahdi Darvishi 
    Quality Control
    Born: 1984 - Damavand
    B.S. : Civil engineering - Azad University - 2006
    Agriculture institute in Damavand – water and soil managing
    Activity in road making through farms
    Ghaem technical office (Abesard city)
    Engineering work
    Tehran Municipality – technical and construction assistant – zone 13
    Asphalt work and workshop in shohada square (9,000 square meters)
    Bon Dej Kav Company
    Complete buildings and installation work in Peugeot 206 engine hall
    Improve air condition in Peugeot 206 engine hall
    Improve earthing gallery
    Khatam Hospital:
    Construct central laboratory
    Construct Spinal Research (cooperate with Royan institute)

    Mahmoud Abidi





    Mahmoud Abidi
    HSE ( Health, Safety and Environment )
    Born: 1952 - Ashtian
    B.S. : Nutriting Eng. - Ferdosi University of Mashhad - 1977
    Khoban company
    Technical Eng.
    Safa springhouse
    Technical Eng. And manager
    SVS Company
    Project manager
    Noor residential complex
    Managing director


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